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Scheduling an Eval
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Make an Appointment

No doctor's script required! However, you must be in New York or Florida state to schedule an online evaluation with One Click Physio.

Click the button to 'Set an Appointment' and choose your preferred date and time. Enter basic contact details and remit payment for your appointment in advance.

 You'll receive an emailed confirmation with the required Intake and Consent forms; these MUST be completed prior to your evaluation. On the day of your appointment, you will receive a Zoom link to your virtual treatment room with Dr. Zach.


If One Click Physio is unable to treat your issue, you will receive a full refund for the appointment, plus a referral to the right discipline or clinic for your needs.

If you have questions before scheduling, please see our FAQs or use our chat feature to contact Dr. Zach.

Video Conferencing
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One Click Physio only uses the secure, encrypted video conferencing software provided through to allow completely private and confidential treatment sessions. All you need is reliable internet access, a front-facing webcam, and a little room to move around as needed.


One common misconception of physical therapy is that it must involve hands-on treatment. However, the visual assessment methods and evaluative skills of your therapist are as significant as the many other tools for diagnosing and treating an injury or chronic condition.

Dr. Zach can treat a variety of common musculoskeletal complaints via online assessment and treatment but specializes in treating recent or chronic neck and back pain.

If you have questions about, feel free to chat with Dr. Zach now!

Following Up
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Schedule a Follow Up

Schedule your online follow-up treatments the same way you scheduled your initial evaluation. One Click offers 60-minute sessions "One on One" to give you the time you deserve.

Since modern physical therapy doesn't have to rely on complex machines and manual techniques, we're trending towards guided self-care and coordinated rehabilitation programs, to grant you much-needed control of your own recovery.


Research has shown that outcomes are enhanced and often more fully realized via online consultation, due to the personal empowerment and easy facilitation online physio offers.

Dr. Zach tailors each session to your changing needs and objectives and doesn't believe in 'hooking' you into lengthy care plans you may not need. 

Meet Dr. Zach
Zach Riggio, DPT

Zach has been a practicing Physical Therapist since 2015, board-certified in the state of New York, as a graduate of highly sought after Stony Brook Physical Therapy Doctorate program in the state of New York.


Zach is a Certified MDT (Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy) Therapist through the McKenzie Institute, Zach continues to upgrade and apply his technical knowledge and treatment tools. MDT is an internationally-acclaimed method of assessment and treatment for spine and limb pain. Using this systematic approach Zach is able to effectively help his clients return to an active lifestlye witout back or neck pain.


One Click Physio enables you to set one-on-one consults with Zach to maximize treatment for the best results with the most convenience. By the end of your sessions with Zach you will be able to self treat your neck or back pain should it flare up, but also know how to prevent it from ever coming back in the first place! Get started with One Click!


Dr. Zach Riggio, PT, DPT, Cert MDT  

NYS License # 039583

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